Advantages of wet shaving

9.6. 2020
Advantages of wet shaving

Wet shaving is better for your wallet. Cost of disposable or cartridge razors adds up. If you shave daily, it climbs up to quite a few euros per month. Wet shaving is an investment at first, but the actual cost per shave is very low. Single razor blade (0,18 €) lasts at least 3 shaves. Amounts of creams and other products are also quite small. 

Wet shaving is better for the environment. You use products that are more natural and much easier to recycle. Most of the waste is razor blades, which are much simpler to recycle than disposable razors.

You'll feel better. There is a good chance you are going to fall for wet shaving if you try it. The whole ritual is more manly than shaving with plastic nothing. 

Before shaving

Before you start with the actual shaving, there is a little preparation - your facial hair needs to soften up. The easiest way is with hot water, just shave right after a shower, otherwise use a hot towel trick from an old-school barbershop.

If you would like to take it one step further, consider our selection of pre-shave oils. It's very simple - oil traps moisture inside your skin, making it softer and less prone to cuts.

But if you cut yourself, there are alum sticks.

Mr. Natty Shave Oil (30 ml)

How to prepare a lather

It is more than likely that if you use shaving foam from a pressurized can, you just lather on your face with hands. Traditional wet shaving is very different. 

The lather is whipped from shaving soap or shaving cream, that is a task for a quality shaving brush - an important choice on which depends the ease of making the lather and overall shave.

The best shaving brushes are made from badgers in several qualities - badger, best badger, super badger and silvertip badger. Some brushes are also made from boar bristles, even though they are rougher and hold less water.

When you have your brush, you just need a nib of shaving cream or soap. You can whip up the lather in your hand, straight on your face, in a shaving mug or a bowl. I would recommend a bowl, especially for beginners. It lets you control the amount of added hot water, which is very important. 

Note: Softer the water is, easier it is to create the lather. 

Mühle Black Porcelain Shaving Bowl


Most men these days use disposable razors or high-tech cartridge razors with many blades. Traditionally men shave with straight razors or safety razors.

Shaving with a straight razor is truly complex and deserves its own article. Let's stay with safety razors. There are 2 main factors, that affect the quality of the shave: razor head aggression level and hardness of the razor blade. Open comb means more aggression, which results in a smoother shave, but also some razor burn. Overall it requires better technique.

Beginners will appreciate safety razors Timor, which offer a good quality shave, especially when paired with Derby razor blades.

Shave in the same direction as the grain of facial hair!

Timor Butterfly Closed Comb Chrome Plated Safety Razor

After shaving

Shaving isn't the most pleasant experience for your skin. It suffers and needs to be calmed down with an aftershave lotion or balm. Lotions might sting a little but they act as astringent and have a nice scent. Balms hydrate your skin better and lack of alcohol means no sting.

For sensitive skin, there is the Jermyn Street line by Taylor of Old Bond Street, which is made especially for men who can't use other cosmetics products.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Aftershave


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