About us

Our journey started in February 2014 with first plans having been laid out some six months before then. Back then we knew very well what we wanted to be: A safe haven for every modern gentleman who seeks the best products and service and will not settle for anything less.

In the subsequent years we have been working very hard to achieve that goal. What originally started as a small shop based in Prague, Czech Republic, that focused on high quality cosmetics and accessories soon grew to become a place of uncompromising quality where every gentleman found just what the doctor ordered - be it high quality clothing, Goodyear Welted shoes, shaving accessories, beard care and other premium cosmetics, wallets, briefcases and countless other things.

Our approach, however, has not changed one tiny bit.

Customer first - that is our motto.

Fast delivery - that is the way we do things here.

And if by any chance something goes astray there is no need to despair. We will deal with in a calm and utmost professional manner and will not leave you in the dark for a single second.

This might sound like our journey finishes here. In fact the opposite is true. Czech Republic, our home and base, soon became a bit too small for us. That is why we decided to expand and offer our services to you, customers from all over Europe. We are working hard to find new ways how to meet your high expectations and provide timeless design and high quality products that will keep brightening your everyday routines.