How to save your own skin

17.6. 2020
How to save your own skin


There is something us men need to learn the hard way. We have long been able to take care of our shoes, but we still don't go along with skin care products really well and moisturizing cream still sounds like a cuss word to us. That doesn't prevent us to stare at our TV screen in awe of some Hollywood celebrity who, according to our understanding at least, discovered a potion of eternal youth. The truth is much more straightforward than that, though: these celebrities usually just take good care of themselves (and of course Photoshop skills don't hurt either). Let's take this opportunity to sum up the basics of skin care.

Face Wash

Do you wash your face every now and then? We are sure you do. Do you use some sort of soap while you're at it? Well, even better. But do you really have a face wash? No? We thought so. It is something you should get, though, for it is usually much more gentle and doesn't dry your skin out too much. 

Quick tip: Wash your face once or twice a day, at least once with a proper face wash.

Our favourites:

Moisturizing cream

Let's stick with the original shoe care comparison for a bit. Our skin can take better care of itself than the leather of your shoes, of course, because it can moisturize itself up to a certain point. Given the pace, the environment and the omnipresent stress we live under, it is a good idea to propel it a little. You can't do magic with some all-in-one product that would cover both your hands and your face, of course. Facial cream is usually much less greasy so that it doesn't clog the pores, and is much easier to absorb. Hand cream, on the other hand, is a heavy weight, since it has a hard job to do. 

Quick tip: Once or twice a day is a good advice here as well when it comes to your face. As for the hand cream, this varies based on the season and the environment you work in.

Our favourite facial creams:

Our favourite hands & body creams:


You should also use a peeling about once a week. What is it good for? To get your skin rid off dead cells. It usually contains small particles (natural, in the case of your products, the place of cheap and environmentally hazardous plastic is taken over by ground nutshells and the like) that have exfoliating properties and make your skin visibly younger. 

Quick tip: Since peeling is quite a hard worker, you shouldn't overdo it, once a week is plenty.

Our favourites:

Eye serums and wrinkle-reducing preparations

One does not always get a good night sleep, be it because of work or because of bad dietary choices, as our friend usually calls a long night out. And since life is tough in this respect, it is probably gonna manifest in the morning by black undereye circles. These can be tackled using the right preparation, though, and so can some of the finer wrinkles that tend to appear as we get older. The trick is using the right serum, since the eye area is quite delicate and regular creams might irritate it.

Quick tip: Add a eye gel or a serum into your daily routine and use it once or twice a day - ideally in the morning and before you go to bed at last. 

Our favourites:

Lip balms

These are usually taken as a women's domain for some reason, despite the fact that everybody (and that includes men as well) hates chapped lips. If there is somebody who actually prefers it, send him to us, we're gonna take a few pictures, maybe we'll set up a museum just for him.

Quick tip: Use a proper lip balm and go easy on the trigger, a little comes a long way.

Our favourites:

Well, and that is all. Do this, and you have the basics of skin care covered better than 90% of the male population. Thank you for your time reading this article and have a nice day!

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