How to care for your beard

27.11. 2019
How to care for your beard

Growing a beard isn't rocket science. Once you have grown it out is where the real challenge begins, however. Far too often have we seen beards that looked unkempt and frankly a little funny as a result. You don't want that to happen and you can actually prevent that from happening! Thankfully, there are tools and preparations that will lend you a helping hand. Some will provide nourishment, some will make the grooming a tad bit easier. Navigating through our entire offer of beard care requires some knowledge. And that's what we're here to provide.

1. Oil

Proraso Cypress & Vetiver Beard Oil 

The first order of business is softening the beard and providing some nourishment both to the beard and to the skin underneath that's prone to becoming dry and itchy. That's what oil will help you with. Such oil should contain a mixture of natural oils, each serving a specific purpose. Some oils provide the aforementioned nourishment, some reduce the itching, some soften the beard, some are antiseptic. A proper beard oil contains all of these. Getting the right one for your taste usually boils down to its fragrance. You will be spending a lot of itme together, so don't underestimate that part.


2. Balm

Noberu Sandalwood Beard Balm

Beard balm is fairly similar to beard oil. However unlike oil it also works as a styling preparation. It will help you tame the unruly beard and hold it in place for the entire day. It's especially good for thicker and longer beards. But remember this - individual beard balms differ one from another. Take Proraso balms for instance. These are perfect for growing and itching beards. And then there's the Morgan's balm. Its main specific is that it's called wax even though it is actually a classic example of a good balm.


3. Wash

Proraso Wood & Spice Beard Wash

Given all the trouble an average beard has to face every day, a beard wash is a must have. You see, beard is something like a magnet for all sorts of dirt (and by that we don't mean pieces of your lunch). Plus you're probably using either an oil or a balm to make it look great. A decent beard wash will get you rid of all that. It will clean your beard thoroughly and calm the skin underneath it. We highly recommend using it daily. When choosing the right one, just look at the list of ingredients - it should be mostly natural and shouldn't contain parabens or other chemical "miracles". We offer a wide array of beard washes - both solid and liquid - that come in all sorts of fragrances. Your final choice should reflect your individual preference in that respect. Just a quick tip: if you travel a lot you are going to find the Morgan's beard wash very practical.


4. Brush & Scissors

Kent Natural Bristle Beard Brush

A beard brush is perfect to untangle your beard and give it the designated look. Ideally it should be made from natural boar bristle. These are not for sissies, because they are quite coarse and thick. But that's the point! Not only will they tame your beard, but they will also massage to the skin underneath, which will results in a higher production of natural sebum - a perfect remedy for itching and drying.

If you had finished brushing your beard, looked in the mirror and realized it stil wasn't quite right, just use scissors to deal with the stray hair.


5. Wax

Mr Natty Moustache Wax

And now for the icing on the cake: a proper moustache wax! If you long for a beautifully sharp moustache, make sure to get one. Such a wax should be also based on natural ingredients, usually on a mixture of beeswax and natural oils. It usually also has some sort of a fragrance. You'll find that we offer both normal and heavy duty waxes - that's what you'll have to decide based on your preference. If you're just beginning with moustache care, the Proraso wax might be just right for you - compared to other waxes it has a cream-like texture that makes it really easy to work with. Morgan's beard wax represents the middle ground, since it is still fairly pliable, yet requires a certain level of skill. On the other hand the Expedition Strength wax by Captain Fawcett is only to be used by skilled master beardsmen, for it is indeed strong as a bull.


6. Mirror

An optional part for those who have to make sure they're not just dreaming of a beautiful beard, but actually have one already!

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