How to pick the right wallet

25.6. 2020
How to pick the right wallet

Buying a new wallet can be a daunting task. You don't make a decision like this every day and it's important to choose well. We have prepared an overview of some of our best sellers to lend a helping hand. 

Start by deciding what do you need to carry in your wallet. You probably can narrow your choices to one of two possibilities:

I. Classic wallet for cards - payment and business, banknotes and a little change

II. Convenient cardholders mainly for cards and a few other things

Bellroy Note Sleeve

Everyday classic. A small and minimalistic wallet that will slim down your silhouette without any compromises. Actually, there might be one small compromise - Note Sleeve has only a small change pocket that fits only a few coins. But it fits unfolded banknotes. Cards are divided between daily ones and less used ones that fit in a compartment with a wide pull tab.

  • Unfolded banknotes and 4-11+ cards
  • 3 quick-access compartments
  • Pull tab compartment for less important cards 
  • Small change pocket
  • 10,3 x 8,5 cm
Bellroy Note Sleeve

Bellroy Hide&Seek

Hide&Seek is one of our best-selling classics. It's a bigger wallet than Note Sleeve - it fits 12 cards. It has a very practical hidden compartment for unfolded banknotes - to keep your cash save from bad luck and thieves. It also has RFID protection foil to keep at bay any thief with modern tools, which read cards from remotely.

  • Unfolded banknotes and 5-12+ cards
  • 4 quick-access card slots 
  • Protected section for cards and business cards
  • Hidden banknotes compartment
  • 11,5 x 9,5 cm
Bellroy Hide&Seek

Bellroy Coin Fold

Coin Fold catches your eye with its fold for coins but doesn't stop there. It is the only everyday Bellroy wallet with a full-sized coin pouch. Some people use it to store more cards instead. Do what comes naturally; we are not judging anyone. The simple inner design keeps everything right at your fingertips. No hidden compartments, no nonsense.

  • Unfolded banknotes and 3-8+ cards
  • Leather coin fold and simple inner design
  • Pouch for your change!
  • SIM card compartment
  • 11,5 x 9 cm
Bellroy Coin Fold

Bellroy Card Pocket

Coin Pocket is one of the smallest wallets in our catalogue. It fits all the cards you need and banknotes - if you fold them nicely first. Its size lets you have it in skinny jeans or suit without causing undue rumours.

  • Nicely folded banknotes, coins and 4-15+ cards
  • Inner banknote pocket
  • SIM card compartment
  • Slim and minimalistic
  • 10,5 x 7 cm
Bellroy Card Pocket

Secrid Slimwallet

And now for something completely different. Secrid Slimwallet consists of an aluminium Cardholder and a leather cover for additional cards, folded banknotes and business cards. The Cardholder has a handy lever to easily eject needed cards. Another advantage is the RFID protection. The leather cover is slim and elegant which gives the whole wallet compact and nice profile. Absence of a coin pouch is a small price to pay for such elegance.

  • Aluminium cardholder for 4-6 cards
  • Closable leather cover for folded banknotes and additional 6 cards
  • RFID protection
  • Slim and elegant
  • 10,2 x 6,5 cm
Secrid Slimwallet

One last tip: The dimensions are not the only important aspect of your new wallet. Think about its leather. Bellroy and Secrid both use different types of cowhide leather with different finishing which means - unsurprisingly - very different properties.

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