How to choose the right skin care products

25.6. 2020
How to choose the right skin care products

There are many sayings about manly men and their poor hygiene. We believe true modern men shouldn't advance such outdated notions. We can all admit some grooming is only a good thing. And we are here to help you look your best. 

What can we and our products help you with?

  • Face - On one hand, you need soap to wash your face and on the other hand, you need a lotion to keep it hydrated. And maybe something for those wrinkles you don't have.
  • Body - It deserves some nourishment as well. You should look at body milks for that. And if you happen to get your body some nice natural peeling, it would be greatly appreciated by all parties.
  • Hands - All your hands need is a quality cream that helps to retain moisture and prevents cracking
  • Lips - Simply proper lip balm. Nobody likes dry and chapped lips.

Let's take a closer look.

How to take care of your face

Start with soothing deep-cleaning soap, that is appropriate for use twice a day - mornings and evenings. It gets rid of any impurities, prevents irritation and acne. But it inadvertently dries the skin out. You will need to hydrate and nourish the skin with a moisturizing cream that is natural and without unnecessary chemicals. Luckily, we have exactly what you need.


How to take care of your body

The most important thing is a good night sleep which is unfortunately not available in our store (or any store for that matter). But we can easily help with dry skin. Either go with body milk that is easy to absorb and doesn't leave you feeling oily. Or pick some heavy hitter - nourishing body butter.

Peeling will help you get rid of any dead skin cells. You should choose a natural one. Their exfoliating properties are usually based on crushed nutshells, not some useless and unfriendly plastic. 


How to take care of your hands

We have to admit callus hands do look very manly. But otherwise, they are just pain in the ass. Luckily it can be easily reversed by cream that will give the skin back its lost elasticity.


How to take care of your lips

Ideally so they don't crack. The answer is pretty simple - natural nourishing lip balm.  


We hope you will be satisfied with your choice.

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