How and why you should use alum

15.11. 2019
How and why you should use alum

Even a true master of the shaving art might cut himself from time to time. Fortunately there's an easy and convenient remedy for that.

Alum bar, pleasure to meet you. This naturally occurring mineral is by no means a new invention - it is proven that it was used in the Ancient Egypt, that is some four thousand years ago. Most likely your grandfather had one in his bathroom not so long ago. Even these respected men sometimes nicked themselves, so there's absolutely no need to feel ashamed. When that happens, just wet both the skin around the wound and the alum bar. Afterwards apply the alum to the area. A short stinging sensation will follow and afterwards you'll be as good as new. The bleeding will stop and the wound itself will be properly disinfected.

But that's by no means the entire list of what alum can do. It also works as a natural antiperspirant. It doesn't offer a pleasant fragrance on top of that, but it neutralizes the unpleasant sweaty stench and also minimizes its production since its particles bind moisture. Just like when using it to make up for one's slightly shaky hand it is also extremely easy to use in this instance - just wet it in cold water and then give it a couple of swipes in the armpits. Do not forget to rinse it afterwards. In the end store it in a dry place so that it doesn't dissolve - something that might easily happen given the fact it's a fairly soft mineral.

During the summer months you might also get bitten by some otherwise useful insect. Solution is alum, something that probably won't surprise you by now. It helps minimize the swelling, disinfect the wound and consequently tackles the pain as well. Thanks to its disinfecting properties it also works as a prevention against acne and other skin conditions.

This truly universal companion can be purchased in two forms - either as a classic bar, or as a smaller stick. The latter is quite handy while traveling. Given the fact that it comes at a very reasonable price and one bar or stick will last for about a year when used right, it is certainly something you should add to your bathroom routine.

Mr Natty You've Been Nicked Alum Bar

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