What are shoe trees actually good for

20.5. 2020
What are shoe trees actually good for

Not many men know, let alone use, shoe trees, which is a damn shame. Cedar shoe trees form the very base of shoe care and no shoe should go without them.

You should insert them into your shoes every single time after wearing them for 24 hours. Which means owning at least 2 pairs of shoes so the leather has time to rest and relax.

Cedar shoe trees have 3 important functions:

1) Absorb moisture

During the day all feet perspire and the moisture is absorbed by the leather of the shoes. That is why it is important to leave the shoes to dry out with shoe trees inside for at least a day. Otherwise, the shoes are damaged by regular wear and tear much faster resulting in the destruction of your favourite pair of shoes.

2) Smooth out any creases

Walking around all day creases and wrinkles shoes, especially around the vamp and toe box. Unfortunately, this isn't avoidable or completely preventable, but using shoe trees mitigates the problem to some extent by stretching the shoe just right to smooth it out.

Cedar Shoe Trees

3) Reduces smell 

This is an unfortunate topic - after a whole day, the shoes usually don't smell like pines. Cedar shoe trees work similarly to air freshener with two big differences - they are completely natural and fill your shoe with the pleasant smell of cedarwood, which is (and this is a fact) better than pine.  

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