Orbitkey 2.0 Leather (for Women)

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Product description

Revolutionary Orbitkey 2.0 key organizer in colors that might please all the women around us. Yes, it is a little stereotypical, so wear it regardless of your gender, as you and you alone seem fit.

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About brand

In the beginning there was an idea. A guy named Charles figured keys shouldn't take up half of your pocket nor scratch your phone's display while you stroll around the city. Together with his colleague Rex they designed and gradually perfected Orbitkey - the most efficient key organiser ever created. At the beginning of 2013 they presented it at Kickstarter. 5 000 backers in just 30 days made them abandon their previous careers and focus on making the world a clink-free place.

One step ahead key organiser

The second, significantly improved version of the Orbitkey key organizer. Compared to No.1 it is even slimmer, easier to control, with significantly more durable stainless steel mechanism. It is adapted to fit close to all regular types of keys. Even the leather got a quality boost - it is thicker, two layered with an inner bolstering for maximum durability.

The best features remain unchanged, of course. The key organiser prevents the keys from rattling (as a result dogs won't chase you the next time you decide to go jogging) and they won’t scratch your mobile phone or other valuables in the same pocket. Besides regular keys, you can also attach your car keys to Orbitkey, using a a smooth D-ring.

  • Thin and sturdy stainless steel mechanism
  • Elegant D-ring with chamfered edges used for attaching car fobs or bigger keys
  • Holds 3-7 keys, with the possibility to purchase an extension post for additional 4 keys
  • Wide selection of accessories (USB, bottle opener, multitool and more)


  • Dusty Pink - elastomer
  • Blush & Rose Gold - leather
  • Sage & Rose Gold - leather
  • Stone & Rose Gold - leather
  • Lilac - Saffiano leather

Please check the FAQ first to make sure your keys will fit. Also, please note that the bottle opener and the keys are not included.