Erbe Solingen Seven-Piece Manicure Set in Matte Silver Metal Case

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  • Your nails deserve the best care. And what other tool than the best one should one use when trying to achieve it. You see, in Solingen, Germany, the really do know how to craft the best blades (including swords). And that's where we got this seven-piece kit for you. 

    It comes in a matte black & silver metal case with magnetic closure.

    Inside you will find:

    • Stainless steel nail scissors
    • Stainless steel skin scissors
    • Stainless steel tweezer
    • Stainless steel nail file with plastic handle
    • Stainless steel nail nipper
    • Nail cleaners with plastic handles (2 pcs)

    Set number: 9310

    Made in Germany

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  • Erbe Solingen manicure sets are made in Solingen, Germany, a statement that's hardly surprising. And Solingen has been the place to go to when one's in search of a high quality blade since Middle Ages. It were mostly swords people were looking for back then, but blade is still a blade, even when it serves a different purpose.

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