Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Moustache Wax (15 ml)

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  • The Captain joined forces with Rick Hall, who was a known dandy. After hours of exploration, metering and mixing, they came up with moustache wax for which the word luxurious is a little bit insufficient.

    Because its scent is really "bespoke". It combines honey, freshly chopped tobacco leaves, spicy smell of incense, maple syrup, fresh moss in broad-leaved forest and vanilla. They are supplemented by tones of fresh hops, myrtle and finally spicy rum with orange. Uf.

    Verified tips for a rock solid moustache:

    • Keep the wax warm, e.g. by keeping it in the pocket of your pants or the inside pocket of your coat.
    • Using the tip of your nail, take a small amount of wax from the glass.
    • Rub between your thumb and index finger, so that it starts melting.
    • Massage into your moustache with up and sideways movements.
    • At the end add a small amount of wax for final twisting - the perfect result is guaranteed.

    Volume 15 ml.

    Made in the UK

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