Orbitkey Key Organiser

4.5. 2020, Daniel Rufer
Orbitkey Key Organiser

This review was written by Ondřej Vomočil. 

Your wallet, phone, and keys are three basic things that you have on you practically everywhere. You can choose a phone that suits you the best. And you can pick any wallet you like, although Bellroy is the best bet. What about keys? If you want them to look elegant, you buy Orbitkey. Orbitkey? What the hell is that?

Orbitkey is a modern key organiser, made from high-quality cow leather, that is strong and resilient. Were you ever bothered by the noise that keys make or how they restrict your movement and bulge up your pocket? Orbitkey will change all that once and for all.

When I got my black Orbitkey with tan stitching in the mail, I didn't hesitate and took my keys off the well-known and annoying key ring, that you must have as well. Thanks to Orbitkey you can have your keys and your phone in one pocket without any damage to your phone's display.

After using Orbitkey for 14 days, I can't complain, because it perfectly fulfils everything that people buy it for. It fits between three and seven keys and pushes you to put all keys that you don't use in a drawer. There is also one key ring for car keys, etc. 

You can also easily add a bottle opener or a thumb drive to your Orbitkey. There are no limits to imaginative accessories. 

Orbitkey has many advantages, but there is one disadvantage I found - keys in my bag don't rattle, which makes them harder to find. A silly objection, I know, especially when I can have my keys in a pocket next to my phone without any fear of scratching my display.

Keys never looked so stylish, and you can carry them practically everywhere. If you have trouble with messy keys, definitely buy Orbitkey. 

Orbitkey 2.0 Leather Key Organiser


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Daniel Rufer


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