How to choose the right beard oil

10.6. 2020
How to choose the right beard oil

If you, or any of your loved ones, are starting a magnificent beard, you will need at least some basic help - quality beard oil. 

Why is beard oil important and how to pick the right one

  • It softens and nourishes the facial hair, which makes them more pliable 
  • Nourishes the skin and prevents itching
  • It has a pleasant, manly scent
  • It differs in scent, quality and types of oil in included in the mix
  • Every oil we offer is properly mixed and natural, so you can pretty much choose based on the scent alone 

Basic tips

I. Natural components

You can differentiate good beard oils by their basic essential oils. They need to be natural. Here we can help. Every oil in our selection is natural. Most of them are based on combinations of jojoba, argan, olive and coconut oil with a few secret tweaks to the specific recipes.  

II. Scent

The aroma is quite important as well. Most oils are scented and some are more pungent than others. The oil you choose will stay under your nose the whole day. It is truly up to your preferences, since some men prefer stronger scents while other go for more subtle scents. We always try to include that information in the product description.

III. Packaging

Beard oils come in many sizes - from traveller's 10 ml to the classic 30-50 ml or large 200 ml. Don't be afraid to buy the bigger package that will last you months if you know what oil you are buying and like it. In case you are trying a new one, you should stick with smaller batches first, just in case.

IV. Price

Price differs by the manufacturer. You can start with traveller's Beviro oils. The middle road is paved by Angry Beards with prices around 300 CZK. And then there are luxurious oils from England by Cpt. Fawcett and Morgan's. They differ in their scent, the ratio of used oils and the specifics but we stand by the quality of every single one of them.

Happy oil choice!

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