How to find sunglasses that go well with your face shape

20.7. 2020, Daniel Rufer
How to find sunglasses that go well with your face shape

When you're choosing a new pair of sunglasses, you can go about it in two ways. Either you'll just give it a shot, you pick a pair you like and hope for the best, or you can try a slightly more scientific approach and try to find the right sunglasses for your specific face shape. We have opted for the second option in this article - we have picked the most famous types of sunglasses and tried to match them with individual face shapes. So let's have a look at them.

1) Wayfarer

The most popular and iconic model of sunglasses there is. It was developed in the 50s as an unusual and distinctive alternative to thin metal frames that were the frenzy back them.

Who should get Wayfarers? They work very well with people who have a longer face shape with softer features they can contrast with something more distinctive. It is because of their shape and dominant frame that they visually broaden the face. However, given what a classic this model is, it can be said that Wayfarers work well for just about anybody.

2) Aviator

One would be naive in thinking that with the invention of plastic the era of metal frames ended for good. Another classic glass type, the Aviators, is just one of the examples. Judging by their name, one can easily deduce that their original purpose was to protect the faces of pilots - that is why they are so big, since they had to protect their eyes from all angles.

Aviators are the right fit for people with a square face shape - round and big sunglasses soften these sharp features. They also work great for people with a triangular face shape, that is with a broader forehead without any sharp edges that gradually narrows down all the way to the chin. The Aviators balance this disproportion very well.

3) Browline (Clubman)

It doesn't also have to be either plastic or metal. Just take the Browlines - glasses with a plastic top part of the frame that follows the shape of one's eyebrows (hence the name) and a thin metal bottom part of the frame. Just like Wayfarers, the Browlines are a 50's invention that is coming back to fashion.

The Browline is the right fit for people with a triangular face shape and for people with prominent cheekbones and softer features - it is the cheekbone width that should work as some sort of a limit - one shouldn't get sunglasses that are wider than that, since it would just look strange.

4) Teashades

Round shape, thin metal frame, just the regular Steve Jobs kind of eyewear, if Steve wore sunglasses. They are probably the most casual of the lot, and also the hardest type of sunglasses to wear, since they don't work well with everyone. 

They are the right fit for people with a longer face, or with a symetrical rhombus face shape and some confidence.

Final advice:

It is also possible that you were lucky enough to be born with a symmetrical round face. In that case: congratulations, because you can wear just about any sunglasses you possibly want.

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