Traveler's Company Brass Clip for Traveler's Notebook w/ Airplane logo

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  • Do you the feeling when you let your mind wander to places for a second and your notebook uses the opportunity to snap itself shut? We surely do. Luckily the Traveler's Company has created this handy brass clip with an airplane logo that will prevent such things from ever happening again. It also has a screw hole in the back, which means it can also be put up on the wall.

    Perfect for all kinds of notebooks, especially for the Traveler's Notebook. Beautiful patina guaranteed.

    Made in Japan

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  • The story of Traveler's Company began in 2006, back then under the name Midori. It was that very year when this Japanese company started making its most famous article: the universial and famed Traveler's Notebook. In 2009 its smaller Passport version was introduced and in 2014 the company started manufacturing high-quality brass accessory. All of these have one thing in common. Two things actually. They are of superb quality and mature to even greater beauty over time.

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