Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College, Mr Taylor's & Sandalwood Bath Soap Gift Set

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  • Gift set of three solid shower soaps made in England by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

    Eton College has a fresh scent of citrus oils with a rich woody base, Sandalwood comes with fern, lavender, patchouli and (of course) sandalwood tones and the all-time classic Eton College is full of herbs: lavender, bergamot and lime all on an amber and cedar base.

    The soaps are traditionally made, they foam well and they add a touch of extraordinariness to one's everyday hygiene.

    Weight of each of the soaps: 200 g

    Made in the UK


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  • On the 1st of September 1854 Jeremiah Taylor, great-great-grandfather of the current proprietor of Taylor of Old Bond Street founded his own barbershop. He couldn't have possibly imagined that his herbal preparations would become a staple of quality for centuries to come and that his successors would keep perfecting them. Fun fact and something of a paradox about Taylor of Old Bond Street is that its shop is not even located on the Old Bond Street anymore, in 1930 it moved to the even more famous Jermyn Street.

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