Secrid Cardslide

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Product description

The aluminium Cardprotector holds 4-6 cards, and the stainless steel Slide carries 2 more cards and all your banknotes, business cards, and receipts. They are held together by a practical Moneyband, which can be used separately to hold cards and banknotes during strong fits of minimalism.

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About brand

Times are changing. We don't use beads nor pieces of gold to pay for our shopping. Lately, some of us don't even use coins or notes. Cards are the madness. And that's exactly what Holland-based Secrid is here for. Their Cardprotectors and other products are slim, elegant, safe and most importantly created for cards as their main inhabitants.

One case made from aluminium, the other from stainless steel - a convenient two-part wallet held together with a moneyband into a minimalistic wallet. 

These days you essentially can't live without cards, and this wallet reflects that. Secrid Cardprotector is a light and slim aluminium case that holds 4-6 cards, depending on whether they are embossed or flat. A plastic lever slides the cards out easily with one hand. Thanks to a patented design and used material, the Cardprotector offers RFID protection against unwanted wireless communication.

The other case from stainless steel slides out with a patented mechanism. It fits 2 more cards, banknotes, business cards and even a few receipts. The wallet is held together with an elastic nylon Moneyband that can also be used on its own as a money clip.   

  • Aluminium cardprotector with RFID protection for 4-6 cards
  • Patented stainless steel slide for 2 more cards, banknotes, and business cards
  • Elastic moneyband 
  • Size: 103 mm x 68 mm x 19 mm
  • Weight: 98 g
  • Made in Holland