Saphir Macadamia Renovateur Oiled Leather Conditioner (75 ml)

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Product description

Saphir Renovateur is the best-known and most popular product from Saphir's highest Medaille d'Or line. It serves as a cleaner and conditioner that perfectly nourishes all kinds of hard oiled leather. It also works great as a ground layer used before applying wax or cream polish.

This new, more sustainably sourced version doesn't contain mink oil, which has been replaced by macadamia oil. This has been done as a part of Saphir's efforts to limit the use of animal products and look for ethically-sourced alternatives. 

It doesn't contain any pigments, but it nourishes and revives the leather like nothing else.

Volume: 75 ml

Made in France

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About brand

Producing the finest leather care products since 1920. Saphir Médaille d'Or is the choice of the most famous shoemakers and manufactures of high-quality leather goods. As early as 1925 it was awarded the Médaille d'Or, the Gold Medal, at the World Fair in Paris, one of the most prestigious awards one could get. All of their products are based on natural oils and waxes and are formulated to perfection.