Noberu Shavette

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About brand

Nõberu of Sweden was born from an idea for a comprehensive brand for men who stand out from the crowd. Their products don’t smell like pine needles, nor are they promoted in advertisements with naked women. They are dedicated to creating a world in which men don’t have to be tough, severe or macho if they don’t want to be and where taking good care of oneself is by no means seen as a sign of weakness.

Shavette is a close relative of a straight razor with one main difference - it uses classic razor blades instead. That makes it easier to use and to maintain while the shaving experience is still perfect. 

This model was crafted by Swedish Noberu and sports a black plastic arm and a stainless steel handle. 

How to use?

Break the razor blade in half (save the other half for later). Slide the razor blade in and then... Well, you know how to shave, don't you?

Package includes a faux-leather cover, but no razor blades.

Made in Sweden