Morgan's Foot Cream (120 ml)

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  • Healing and moisturizing foot cream by Morgan's that will leave your precious feet feeling soft and happy. 

    What is it good for?

    Our feet work quite hard throughout the day - just imagined being trapped in one pair of shoes the whole time. One doesn't have to be a professional athlete to find that a bit unappetizing. This lightweight cream with a non-greasy formula helps restore balance, prevents flaking, softens the skin and provides deep nourishment.

    Why does it work?

    Thanks to a lightweight and easy to absorb formula - the cream contains argan oil that is rich in vitamin E and provides deep nourishment, shea butter with a high fat content that does the same nourishing job, but on the outside, plus the soothing and fragrant mandarin orange, lemongrass and bergamot essential oils.

    How to use?

    Apply the cream on your feet, massage it in and let it do its job.

    Volume: 120 ml

    Made in England


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  • One of the oldest independent manufacturers of hair and beauty products in England, Morgan’s Pomade was first founded in 1873. From their manufacturing facility at the beautiful seaside resort of Whitstable, in Kent, they have developed a wide range of hair and beauty care products with the emphasis on good quality and natural ingredients.

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