John & Paul Dark Brown Leather Briefcase Shoulder Strap 2.0

nový design od Renla, jiná spona, vypolstrování ramene
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Product description

Dark brown leather shoulder strap that fits the large version of our John & Paul briefcase. Second version features shoulder bolstering and elegant Italian hardware.

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About brand

John & Paul is our very own brand named after its two founders. Our journey began in 2014 when we first met. Soon afterwards we discovered that we had a similar problem - with both of us having been quite slim, most ready-to-wear shirts made us look like a parachute. So we rolled up our sleeves and decided to do something about it. We decided to create our very own sizing system that would fit men who are either too slim or too tall for regular off-the-rack shirts. Our similarly built friends had helped us perfect the sizing and after a year of preparations we were ready to go.

It has been a while since then. We still make high-quality shirts, but we have by no means been idle. As of now we also make perfect T-shirts, polos, briefcases and have our very own line of Italian accessories such ties or pocket squares. And that is just the beginning.

We have created our very own briefcase. To keep a superb value for money, we have gotten rid of anything we found unnecessary. Shoulder strap was one of those things - some people don't need it and save some money and the rest can get it separately. Now we have created its second version that features shoulder bolstering and subtle Italian hardware.

First class leather. Italian Saffiano cow leather, soft to touch, durable.

Italian hardware. Because they know best.

Made in the Czech Republic. The latest manifestation of the proverbial golden Czech hands. In short: nobody had to work round the clock in inhumane conditions somewhere in Asia.

Adjustable length. The maximum length is 144 cm.

For the classic John & Paul briefcase. It doesn't fit the slim version, nor would it look too good on it.