Invisible T-shirt with Armpit Pads

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  • An invisible T-shirt that protects even more thoroughly before sweating – thanks to a reinforced armpit. The perfect choice for summer days or for those who sometimes sweat a bit more. Like the classic invisible shirt, it has a body color and thin edges. It can’t be seen under the shirt (not even the thinnest one).

    It is made of the finest long-haired cotton, very soft to touch and comfortable for all day wear. You will soon forget you wear it. The armpit reinforcement is also made of cotton, so there is no risk of allergic reactions.

    How to choose the right size? Choose a t-shirt one size smaller than what you usually wear. E.g. size M instead of L. Because it has to fit tight to your body. But it won’t be too tight; the great material will take care for that. 

    Indicative size table:

    175 cm/70 kg S size
    180 cm/78 kg                   S size
    192 cm/82 kg                   M size
    180 cm/95 kg M size
    182 cm/105 kg                   L size
    185 cm/115 kg                   XL size
    202 cm/110 kg XL size
    190 cm/125 kg XXL size
    185 cm/135 kg XXL size
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  • Invisible T-shirts seem, well, quite invisible. Thankfully that's what they're supposed to do. Made from skin-colored cotton of excellent quality they also sport flat-felled seams which makes them very comfortable. These perfect companions fit really well and will keep you dry and comfy all year round.

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