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  • Nobody likes sweat stains or showing bottom layers of clothing. The best prevention against it is the invisible t-shirt. It has a body colour and very thin edges. Therefore, it can't be seen under the shirt and its edges won't be visible either. And the same applies to very thin shirts.

    White t-shirts will always be seen under the shirt. And they won’t be so comfortable either. The invisible T-shirt is made of the finest long-haired cotton, very soft to touch and comfortable for all day wear. You will soon forget you wear it.

    How to choose the right size? Choose a t-shirt one size smaller than what you usually wear. e.g. M instead of L. Because it has to fit tight to your body. However, it won’t be too tight; the great material will take care for that.

    Indicative size table:

    175 cm/70 kg S size
    180 cm/78 kg                   S size
    192 cm/82 kg                   M size
    180 cm/95 kg M size
    182 cm/105 kg                   sizeL
    185 cm/115 kg                   XL size
    202 cm/110 kg XL size
    190 cm/125 kg XXL size
    185 cm/135 kg XXL size
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