Captain Fawcett Ricki Hall's Booze & Baccy Body Wash (250 ml)

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  • Contemporary shower gel created with a helping hand of a man about town Ricki Hall. A self-assured contemporary fragrance of zesty orange, honeyed wood smoke and exotic spices, in a cleansing blend enriched with organic compounds to condition the skin, lock in moisture and help refresh one’s mood from morning to evening. 

    How to use?

    Well, it's still only a body wash, so we won't overdo it with instructions. Just apply to wet skin, preferably in the shower so that your precious rug doesn't get wet.

    Volume: 250 ml

    Made in the UK

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  • According to an ancient legend Peabody Fawcett disappeared without a trace in the South American jungle more than a century ago. All that resurfaced was his grooming kit he used to take care of his mighty moustache. Now Captain Fawcett revives his legacy.

    These English pros will be at your service at all times and will ensure that you “keep a stiff upper lip, regardless”.

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