Captain Fawcett Private Stock Wax & Beard Oil Gift Set

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About brand

According to an ancient legend Peabody Fawcett disappeared without a trace in the South American jungle more than a century ago. All that resurfaced was his grooming kit he used to take care of his mighty moustache. Now Captain Fawcett revives his legacy.

These English pros will be at your service at all times and will ensure that you “keep a stiff upper lip, regardless”.

Due to ever-increasing interest, the Captain finally decided to add his own famous fragrance from private supplies to a new, truly breathtaking moustache wax. If this citrus, pleasantly spicy scent is familiar to you, it is because of the oil produced by the Captain for a long time. And for those who want to have both in one place... Voila – the wax and oil gift set. 

We supply the wax in a screw-type can of practical dimensions, which is easy to carry, so you will not have to go without it, like that time on the ball, when that unpleasant thing with a whiskey bottle happened. 

Beard oil is a first-class combination of essential oils and oils based on almonds, jojoba and vitamin E. Everyday use of this elegant combination of cedar wood, black pepper, patchouli and palmarosa (sweet grass) will revitalize both your skin and beard.

Oil volume: 50 ml

Wax volume: 15 ml

Made in England