Taylor of Old Bond Street No 74 Mach 3 Gift Set

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  • Luxurious gift set in an elegant Taylor of the Old Bond Street box that includes a Mach 3 razor, a shaving brush made of pure badger bristles and a shaving cream with an exotic scent of sandalwood.

    • Stylish razor that combines the tradition of Taylor of Old Bond Street with Gillette Mach 3's modern technology.
    • The brush is hand made of pure badger bristles. Compared to cheaper boar or synthetic brushes this one holds much more water, so you can make a really rich lather with it. At the same time, it gently massages your facial skin while you lather up.
    • Shaving cream in a practical bowl, which also helps with the comfortable lather making part. It contains a number of essential oils and a moisturizing cream and creates a smooth and creamy foam that beautifully softens the beard.

    Made in England

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  • On the 1st of September 1854 Jeremiah Taylor, great-great-grandfather of the current proprietor of Taylor of Old Bond Street founded his own barbershop. He couldn't have possibly imagined that his herbal preparations would become a staple of quality for centuries to come and that his successors would keep perfecting them. Fun fact and something of a paradox about Taylor of Old Bond Street is that its shop is not even located on the Old Bond Street anymore, in 1930 it moved to the even more famous Jermyn Street.

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