OAK Beard Wash (200 ml)

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  • Product that delivers first-class care to all conceivable beard types. After everything the beard is exposed to during the day, whether it's food, smoke, or even wax and other preparations, it needs to rest well too. This requires a gentle but focused helper. 

    Parabens, synthetic scents, dyes – none of this can be found in this product. It is based solely on natural ingredients. Contains coconut oil, and also a malt extract for strengthening the beard, and for a classic manly scent, grapefruit and vetiver oil. 

    It cleans the beard and it moistens, soothes and supplies the necessary nutrition to the skin, which has an unpleasant tendency to be dry and irritated. Apply one to two squeezes on a wet face, then wash thoroughly. Everyday use is very desirable, leading to the best results.

    With a feel for detail made in Berlin. Delivered in a gorgeous design box.

    Volume: 200 ml

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  • OAK is a Berlin-based brand of beard care products. It makes all the sense in the world. Have you been to Berlin recently? The concentration of bearded men per square kilometer might be higher there than it was in Greek mythology. But by no means do their great numbers mean that they automatically know how to take care of their beards. That's where OAK steps in. Natural and carefully selected ingredients mean that it works great and the neat packaging means it looks great in the bathroom. Who knows what's more important.

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