OAK Beard Brush

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  • A high-quality brush is the true cornerstone and an invaluable helper in moustache care. You can use it to comb and straighten your beard and clean it from all accumulated dirt. At the same time, you prevent it from drying out and you massage the skin. Thanks to its well thought-out size, it fits well into the hand, and the handle of oiled oak wood ensures it is ready even for more rough handling.

    Boar bristles are very rough – in the case of this brush, it is a great advantage. They are not straight cut, which gives them an irregular shape. Combined with large gaps between the individual bristles, it allows for a non-violent and natural combing of the beard. You will appreciate the oval shape for maintenance of less accessible spots. 

    Brush in the direction of beard growth, using strokes as long as possible, adjust the pressure as needed. Regularly remove accumulated hair from the brush and treat it at least several times a year with OAK shampoo and then wash it thoroughly. Then let it dry thoroughly – place with bristles down on a dry towel and let it drain.  

    Made in Germany

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  • OAK is a Berlin-based brand of beard care products. It makes all the sense in the world. Have you been to Berlin recently? The concentration of bearded men per square kilometer might be higher there than it was in Greek mythology. But by no means do their great numbers mean that they automatically know how to take care of their beards. That's where OAK steps in. Natural and carefully selected ingredients mean that it works great and the neat packaging means it looks great in the bathroom. Who knows what's more important.

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