Mühle Purist R55 Mach 3 Razor - Birch

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Skladem, doručíme 31. 7.

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  • Everything unnecessary is removed, such is the Mühle Purist line. This razor has a replaceable modern Gillette Mach 3 head and especially a hand-varnished birch handle from the inhospitable Nordic areas. The birch grows very slowly there and it’s basically just a shrub. Its wood has an unusually grainy and veined structure, which after finishing and lacquering becomes apparent. Metallic sleeves made of chrome.

    Dimensions: 134 mm x 41 mm

    Weight: 48 grams

    Made in Germany

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  • Germany is reputed for many things - punctuality being one of them. That is also one of the reasons why Mühle has been the leading German manufacturer of high quality grooming tools for men. Up till now they are handmade to perfection and will add a distinct air of perfection to your everyday grooming rituals.

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