Mr Natty Hirsute Rogue Care Package

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  • Gentlemen, do not underestimate the care for your look. Without the right set, you can well get into troubles when trying to look your best. When Mr. When Natty goes on the road, it is never without this complete set, which always keeps his moustache in the best shape. In this gentleman's last salvage box, you can find cans of beard shampoo and moustache wax, bottle with conditioner and soap bar for the castaways, which will ensure your elegance on every step of the way.

    We say to ourselves that if any of our customers were hit in a fight, they would always have the can of our moustache wax in their breast pocket and it would stop a bullet. We can’t guarantee your safety but we are a bit childish and we are happy about what our products can do. Most likely, you will not need it for this purpose and you will have "only" your moustache in great shape. We keep our fingers crossed for you.

    The set contains:

    Made in the UK


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  • Mr. Natty (also known as Matt Raine) is an old-school yet slightly eccentric barber from London who has taken care of manes and mustaches of rock stars, models and noblemen alike. His utmost displeasure at the lack of proper and dashing men's cosmetics ultimately lead to him establishing his very own brand. A brand that soon became highly reputed for being just the right thing for a modern-day dandy. There are some rumors going around London that Mr. Natty created most of his signature preparations during his lunch break in a small shed in the garden. Well, he most likely didn't, but if he did, then he's a bloody genius.

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