Jamieson's Blue Nordic Fair Isle Shetland Wool Sweater

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  • Warm dark blue sweater with a traditional Fair Isle Shetland pattern stitched at the Jamieson's family farm with 100% Shetland wool.

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  • Family-owned firm Jamieson's specializes in the traditional soft Shetland wool. When Robert Jamieson founded it around 1890, he couldn't have ever imagined how much it would grow. Each of his descendants expanded and innovated. From mere merchants with knitwear, they became one of the first wool brokers, retail outlet owners, and first producers of 100% pure Shetland yarn. Until 1978, Shetland wool was thought to be too soft and was blended with wool from coarser breeds.

    In 1981, they built Jamieson’s Spinning, Shetland’s only commercial woollen mill. Soon after that, new problems surfaced after the number of hand-knitters had declined due to the rise of the lucrative oil industry. Jamieson's family prevailed with a new innovation. They were among the first on the islands to automate the knitting process.


Few types of wool are as warm and soft as Shetland wool. And few family farms are as traditional and high quality as Jamieson's. Those are some of the reasons why we are happy to offer you their time-tested sweaters.

This dark blue sweater has a traditional Nordic Fair Isle pattern, crew-neck and ribbed trims.

Material: 100% New Shetland wool

Made in Shetland

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