Captain Fawcett Moustache Wax Gift Set - Lavender, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang

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  • You probably can't do more for a man with beard or a moustache. Complete set of waxes Fawcett supplied in a gift box. So, the package contains the following types Sandalwood, Yiang Yiang and lavender.

    Captain Fawcet's writings also included his own original moustache wax recipe. Exactly according to the instructions, these waxes could see the light of the world again. They will make your moustache the noblest all around. We have waited for more than a century for the return of this miracle.

    Hand made from the most noble ingredients and premium essential oils. Supplied in a robust glass with a black screw cap.

    Verified tips for a rock solid moustache:

    • Keep the wax warm, e.g. by keeping it in the pocket of your pants or the inside pocket of your coat.
    • Using the tip of your nail, take a small amount of wax from the glass.
    • Rub between your thumb and index finger, so that it starts melting.
    • Massage into your moustache with up and sideways movements.
    • At the end add a small amount of wax for final twisting - the perfect result is guaranteed.

    Made in the UK

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